Haplessly Hopeful… Thoughts of a bewildered mind

Very turbulent times…
What’s there to learn in this experience?
What’s the point not quitting if there’s no eventual victory?

Do those who run not live to fight another day?
What if quitting was the wise thing to do at the time?
Does the obstinacy of undeterred optimism yield any good in the face of inadvertent failure?

I ask my self: of what gain is but this wild goose chase?
O! To what end shall I run in vain hope of seeming, though imperceptible possibility?

I stretch to the limit… give all it takes… my very best indeed… howbeit no sign of any fruition in view…

Oh! The foolishness of resilience sways besides the wisdom of quitting…
As I eagerly clinch to the tiniest strand of hope amidst a mighty storm of impossibility…

But when it’s all said and done…
Let it be said that I was that man… that man that never gave up…


A change of identity – a poem by Tope Akinnibosun

Out of void, in all he was in charge
In his word, his will and spirit

Then he thought of a creation
A creation just like him, existing from him
For the creation he made a great plan
Creating stars and moon and sun as light to see
Green plants and animals for food
Land and sea for a place to dwell on
Everything that was created was made for the creation
A pre-type of the creation he also made
The pre-type to exist in the perfect creation
Then I was born of the pre-type
That became the identity I had to live by
Having the imperfect, sinful, pretype nature
I ruled from my mind, dwelt on logic
Couldn’t see beyond my eyes
Everything I had was limited
All that was created for the creation worked against me
From global warming to acid rain
Food poisoning and others causing diseases
Earthquakes and volcanoes breeding death
I just wandered off and couldn’t make head way
All I wanted was mine, self, I, just me
Even when I decided to help, it’s me first
Always looking beneath for what I had to gain
Then the word came my way
Speaking from people he was living in
As I heard the word, it fell on deaf ears
Then all over the place it was, and I listened
Next faith was made available, I believed
Then I received the word into my life
It was an animation, a total translation
The word was that plan – the creation
He changed my identity straight up
And now I am the creation
The original plan God wanted
The image with his identity
I now carry the fullness of the word
I share it out to others
I now live my true identity