The Error of Esau



Haba! Don’t even begin to salivate already… I have a story to tell… Oya, let’s get down to business…

A very familiar story; I’m sure one time or the other you must have been quick to dismiss Esau’s misgivings… I mean, how can you explain someone selling his birthright only for a morsel of food… Oh my… He could at least have asked for more! But what if it’s just like what’s served above? Haha… Maybe you’ll excuse him right? Ah…

You still don’t get? I will try to help you put this into perspective.. Yeah, just imagine it: imagine Prince Charles gave away his heirloom over a meal of McDonald’s hamburger… haha… Did you just laugh? I guess Esau deserves every ridicule and scorn we must have directed at him for this singular act of omission… But then, don’t be too quick to judge the poor boy, I mean e was only hungry… Can’t a hungry boy get some food for his empty stomach again? And what’s the fuss about this birthright thingy you guys are making so much noise about sef? It’s not like anyone will take his birthright to heaven O… Have you forgotten: if there’s life, there’s hope… At least let me eat and stay alive… Maybe, just maybe then I can see to this birthright thing again… I mean, I can just talk with over with Jackie and all will be well again…
Alas! Little did poor Esau know… As recorded in the bible, though he sought it with tears, he couldn’t obtain that which he once treasured again…

But what exactly was Esau’s error? What did he do wrong? Or is it now a crime to be hungry?!? Of course not!!!
The basic issue here is that Esau did not treasure eternal things. He wasn’t so bad, yet he was just more concerned about the ephemera… For a split second, he took his eye off the things that really mattered and was hell bent on satisfying a pressing present need…

Now that should sound familiar… talk about five minutes of ‘pleasure’ … Okay, let’s not even go that way. But you know what I mean. Let’s dear Esau some crap and face ourselves… Dint the bible say these were written as examples for us? So we relate with the frailty Esau faced…

How many times have we just for a split second got our focus off the things that really mattered… How many times have we thrown caution to the wind… How many times we’ve settled for immediate gratification… And the list seems endless… Esau has many brothers, you’ll agree with me!!!

Remember, at the time Esau realized his error, there was hardly nothing he could do about it… though he sought it with tears!!!

So you ask me what’s the morale of the story?!? I see… Chill… Apostle Paul aptly articulated my contemplation:

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.
2 Corinthians 4:18


My Crush


I really don’t think I could have said this any better or easier, but I love you! Yea!!! I really do.
Standing far off, I see all that you go through: the pains you feel, though your face do not show it; the fears in your heart; your many anxieties and all of such. . . I see, and how much I wished you had shared all those with me; as you know, a problem shared is half solved. I look and see those smiles on your beautiful face, oh! how I wished I had put them there. Well, often times I also see the tears that mar your face and how I long to wipe them off your face and bring comfort to your soul. I see how you often feel lonely even in the midst of everyone around you and I can’t but wonder if you knew there is a friend that could actually stick closer than a brother. I am aware of how past friends have failed you, your disappointments and heartbreaks, that I know of… if only you could see that I’ve been here all these while, patiently awaiting your attention. Above all, I so much long to share my life with you, with the hope that we could spend our forever together. Strange and scary it sounds, right? But that’s why have been here all along. To share with you my love, joy and peace so incomprehensible. If only you will say YES and give me a place in your heart, at least for a start, but what I really want is the whole of your heart just as I have given you mine.
You know, I have always pictured a day when we will be together, walking down the road side hand-in-hand, doing some really cool stuffs together, and most likely be the talk of the whole town and make the headlines – that day you finally say YES to me! How I long to see that day come to reality. . .
Oh! are you possibly pondering what I’m pondering… ? Or do you wonder who I am or even where I am?… Well, it’s ME your long lost crush!!!

“behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears
My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him,
and he with Me.” {Rev 3: 20}

“. . . today, if you will hear His voice, do not harden your hearts. . .” {Heb 3: 15}

…This is a very old original thought mused over four years ago… And the call still stands… He keeps knocking at the door of your heart… It’s my desire that you yield to his nudge today…



Boy - girl things...

“And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go to hell.” Matthew 5: 30

“It’s over between us! And I mean it this time.”
It was with such assertion they broke up, so much so that they wished they could obliterate every single memory they had of each other – at least, that was how she felt. Indeed, she was determined tio take her stand.
But…..who says old flames ever die?!
Encouraged, she was. Now she stands unattached…emotionally… freed, she thinks and poised to be more focused on life. There is so much to accomplish… oh! How I have been blinded, she thought – well, dint they say love is blind?
A few months down the line and everything seems picture perfect. Now she understands she is in charge and God is in control – hence no cause for alarm. As such, she is determined not to settle for less: no more crumbs!!
But then, you know that feeling we sometime have… that eerie chilly feeling that accompanies the moments just before you surrender to the forces of sleep… that feeling of loneliness, a feeling of ‘something’ being absent.
And so it was this particular night… something unusual happened, something feels absent… “I MISS him”… then thoughts went astray; remembering the good old days, those moments they shared…the silence…the company… even the absence – but this was a different absence entirely. How I wish…. Then nature calls… drifts off… and then cock crows! No. It’s her phone ringing. Half awake, the sound is strange… “Whose phone is it?” ….no it’s not… it’s a custom ringtone… one she has not heard in a while… oops! Talk of the devil! A case of “the witch crying at night and the baby died in the morning”, you would say!
‘COINCIDENCE’ she screamed, under her breath as her brain battled her heart…. OR could this be a sign? Ah! Sign? “I’m drifting”. Amidst confused thoughts, she picks the call….but after the 3rd ring. “Hello”… “Hi”… “…just called to say ‘hi’, etc. Jeez! No strings attached.
Did I hear someone mention “old flames”? Yeah right! They never die…
Day break! Now she missed him even more. “…what’s happening to me?” tempted to pick up the phone and just give him a call. “just to return the courtesy, you know!” it turns out she never got to wipe out those memories as she so wished back then – but who does, anyway?
Days later he calls again, and this time he is in town and would like to just check on her… the mere thought of seeing him again had induced in her, transient tachycardia… “…it’s just a visit” she mused… ‘we could even go see a movie or something’ … she thought she heard… Snaps back! …But then she knows what she is up against… she could hear that voice within her head whispering loudly: TEMPTATION!!! “Am not the girl you used to know…” all in a split second, her fingers hit the ‘red’ button… Oops! ‘Call ended’… having done all she must STAND, and that she just did!!!

“No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so you can stand up under it” 1 Cor. 10: 13