​​Zero Degrees

There is a fire in my heart

The flame glows at every thought of you

Bright sparks accompanying each sight of you

There is a fire in my heart 

Burning deep of love for you
But day after day

All you do is rain cold ice

In little drops after little drops

With words of distrust and dubiety

Every flicker dampened by your deeds and misdeeds

Now it’s all chilly and icy 
There was a fire in my heart

But now it’s all ice and cold

The feelings dead and frozen

This will never be business as usual

The flame is quenched 

And the glow is gone forever 

It’s all down to zero degrees 
But as I watch the ice drop in torrents

On this cold Monday morning 

I see it is yet business as usual

As men go about their daily bread

Despising the cold and weather 

So be it zero degrees or not

A man got to do what a man got to do

I move on – to set a new fire