​On the 30th of June 2016, emergency doctor, Elena Duta was charged with manslaughter of former Cameroon midfielder Patrick Ekeng, who had collapsed during a league match in May. Though an autopsy showed the player was suffering from multiple serious heart problems, the Bucharest prosecutor said: “Even if among Patrick Ekeng’s causes of death were the cardiac problems he suffered from, by her unjustified inaction Elena Duta removed any chance of survival. Worthy of note is the keyword INACTION… and now, this is why I blame Mr Buhari – inaction. 

In emergency medicine, you understand that there is a narrow window of opportunity for you to attempt a successful resuscitation. In corollary, Nigeria’s president Buhari inherited an economy in a critical state and did absolutely nothing for six months… While president Buhari and his supporters may continue to peddle the rhetoric of blaming the past administration and even as far back as the past 16 years, forgetting the rather obvious fact that Nigeria indeed existed way beyond 16 years ago and Buhari himself played his part in that inglorious past, Buhari’s inaction and a lack of economic direction alone is responsible for the plummeting of this once largest economy in Africa. To borrow the words of the prosecutor in Dr Duta’s case, Mr Buhari removed any chance of the economy surviving by his unjustified inaction.

If Doctor Duta, like every other doctor would be, is being held responsible for one single life that was transiently in her care, Mr Buhari shouldn’t be held any less accountable for the lives of 170 million Nigerians committed to his care. Is it not said that to whom much is given, much more is expected?

Back to the hospital: imagine a specialist doctor, a consultant, reviews a patient in the care of another consultant and having concluded that he is in the best position to manage this patient he requests that the said patient be transferred to his care. However, instead of calling on his subordinates and charting a management plan for this new patient, he proceeds to appoint a photographer, then another photographer, and thereafter a host of social media PR experts and volunteers to help pontificate his noble qualities and tirelessly berate the consultant previously in charge of this new patient. Needless to say, the patient benefits nothing from the vainglory of our dear consultant but rather deteriorates more as a result of the inattention. 

Putting it lightly, as is obvious to all, this is exactly the story of Mr Buhari. Having spent twelve years begging for this job, and a further two months between election and inauguration into office, it is a shame that Mr Buhari did not hit the ground running. The signs were there. In fact,  you  and your party made it a pre-election rhetoric how we were supposedly headed for the doldrums under the past administration, and why we so much needed this change. So really, it beats me how you can afford to spend this time ball watching, name-calling and finger-pointing.

Mr Buhari, you have no excuse whatsoever; the buck stops at your table, sir!


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