Be Anxious for Nothing

The truth is we all have fears.
Most often, we are consumed by our fears, and justly so sometimes..
Some of our fears are quite valid. A fear of the unknown; the mere fact that we cannot physically see beyond the immediate presence almost tears us apart.
How we wish we can see into the future… not just some mental pictures or dream or trance or looking forward with the ‘eye of faith’ seeing. But actually seeing the future as it really is. Like having your life presented to you as a recorded movie – you can see how far you’ve come, and despite all you’re going through presently, you see that the future is just beautiful and there’s no stopping you from getting there. How we wish…
So we fear!
But why fear? When has worry changed anything?
It is recorded in the bible that the phrase ‘fear not’ appears almost 365 times… That’s an approximate one for each day of the year…
So fear not… Be anxious for nothing… Your every worry has never and would never add a tittle to your height…

In the face of all your fears, be courageous enough to live… Face the fear…

Face the thing you fear and the death of that fear is certain…

In concluding, there would always be fears… New challenges would always bring new fears…

But do one thing only; do the thing you fear!!!!

This is a writing assignment put together in less than 10 minutes with minimal thoughts…
So lemme know what you think.


Now what do you think...

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