The pains and gains of social media

The social media has come to be a part of our lives, and has indeed changed the way everything is being done nowadays.
However, it’s not unusual once in a while to still find people in the perennial argument of whether the Internet has caused more harm than good? In fact, a few days ago one of my friends was told to speak on the topic “the Internet is man’s worst enemy”… The debate continues, and both sides of the divide continually reel out points in Cavour of their chosen motion.

Today, I would play the devil’s advocate.

Personally, I’m at a loss as to whether to claim gains, or rather pains from social media. Truth is I can hardly imagine a lifestyle without the influence of social media… It’s more or less difficult for me to imagine a week without tweeting, updating my Facebook status, relating on BBM or whatsapp, putting up a blogpost, etc… All these have become a recurrent theme of my life, and helps me share momenta and lessons from my own daily activities with a many that care. That much I consider a gain.
But I would not fail to forget my early days on social media… In fact, days when it was yet to be as popular as it is now – at least not around here. I remember my days of addiction to wap sites, chat rooms, and overnight calls following the escapades from chat rooms earlier in the day.
In my personal reckoning, I have always maintained that these days cost me an additional academic year because I make myself believe that I could have channeled those hours to additional studies that might have, amongst other things, gotten me a better result in a particular exams…

Looking back however, I would not say I in anyway regret those days… I indeed very grateful for those delays and I’m actually really enjoying my days on social media presently…

I mean, there were days when my activities on social media was deemed a nuisance to some people, but these days, that same nuisance is being paid for… and I also get to volunteer my time on social media for other causes like live feed of events, etc.

So depending on how you look at it, social media has its pains… but I bet to say the gains are rather enormous!!!

This is a writing assignment put together in about 10 – 12 minutes with minimal pre-thoughts…
So lemme know what you think.


2 thoughts on “The pains and gains of social media

  1. It’s balanced the way I see it. It’s gab badge in gab she out. You don’t expect to be sleeping on all SM sites and expect to have “gains” when you are not getting paid. If you are addicted, the “pains” will show you how to get rid of that addiction easily….lol. Use it wisely and have gains, use it foolishly et expect pains! Nice write up 😊

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