There Was A Christmas

Christmas 2013 is come and gone, and yet again I can say I had a very boring Christmas… Okay, maybe it’s not that bad but nothing spectacular happened. And funny still, I happen to call a few friends and hardly did any of them have any fun thing to say about how they’ve spent the Christmas. With this, I can’t but wonder what happened to Christmas…?

No doubt, the fun of Christmas has been totally doused…

Could it possibly as a result of all the reason for the season, etc ish… just wears me out personally tho…

In fact, you never know it’s Christmas season in most places in Lagos… save places like Ajose Adeogun, some parts of Ikeja, and a few others…

So this was how my boring Christmas started… Woke up thinking of what to do differently that day, buh alas! Nothing came to mind… So I found myself hopping my bag and jutting out to class to read… whoops! Don’t be scared, ’twas nothing academic. Just wanted to read through some things online and all that… Fortunately for me, there was no light so I could only read for so long… In no time, I was on my way home… and the rest of the day was rather very predictable… just sit and watch movies till the end of the day. Same routine over the past so many years, save last year when I actually went visiting on Christmas! *so sad*

I cannot but wonder, but there used to be a Christmas!

I remember the new clothes, new hair style (okay I’m sure you girls still make Christmas hair, lol), toys for Christmas, etc… Really, there was a Christmas!

There was a Christmas when you just want to have all the fun you can because you know that in a few weeks when school resumes, you’ll be writing an essay on ‘how I spent my Christmas holiday’… But of course, we all know many of you lied in those essays. Story for another day, eh!

There was a Christmas… when you can’t just wait to return from the church service… in anticipation of the chicken that’s about to be devoured… and not to forget an opportunity to eat pounded yam, probably for the first and likely only time of the year… what a time it used to be… There was a Christmas… deep in the recess of memory, I can remember my first and only time at the Bar Beach, Lagos. And it was on a Christmas Day, many years ago.

In all these, I’m realizing I’m growing old…

Oh! There was a Christmas…


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