I’m not one for this detailed planning buh I,m sure it works for those who need such discipline to achieve their goals… so here is me sharing this for your reading pleasure… Thumbs up Badru



To-do list! Mayhap this is your first encounter with it. Maybe you’ve heard the word or even know exactly what it means. The question is: “do you make use of it?” Unfortunately, most people do not know how to use it, even those who know what it is. The interesting thing is that, it is not difficult but often neglected. Permit me to enlighten you on this subject.
To-do list is a list or bullet points of what you want to accomplish. You can call it your goals or plans. The importance of this list cannot be overestimated. Let’s take it step by step….. 
Let us begin with a monthly plan. Write all the required items you want to achieve for the month. This will serve as your “to-do pool or bank”. Do not be overwhelmed or intimidated by the length of the list. Remember, these are things…

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