Blah blah blah

This is not a poem!


Thoughts of you…


Tick tock

As seconds are wrapped up into minutes,

And days consume each hour,

Time as it were flies…

And yes, I find myself short of words

Oh! Thoughts of you…


If life was a chance,

Then certain chances must of necessity be treasured.

Such is one I shall attempt to elucidate

Alas! How words fail me,

But try, I shall…


What’s stranger than ‘famzing’ a stranger?

I remember the chat on a bus that started it all…

And how I missed a class… talking to a stranger – a familiar one howbeit.

Then the whatsapp trick that obviously failed,

Even though you pretended the trick was working.


And NO, I cannot forget ‘Edo-Juju’

I mean, how can I explain losing my chat history mysteriously?

Hmmmmmm…  Anyways,

Even if the chat was lost,

And though we both understand this gap ……………

Nonetheless, those words you shared will forever be treasured!


In two short days, you made that transition…

And for twenty seven days, I came to know you… in your different shades

The discussions, the belief and encouragement…  Hmm

The little argument (that continued for a while though), and

The ‘whynings’ that will never end (can’t but wonder where you learnt that from tho)

And then, those last two days…  Another part was discovered!

Oops! I guess I have to skip that too.


Oh my!!!

How I wish I can get the appropriate words

To articulate the stream as it flows through my mind.

Oh! Thoughts of you…


Even if life is said to be by chance,

Then meeting you is one chance I would never have missed…

And yes, I almost missed that chance,

But life as it were wouldn’t let that be!



Exactly, 34 weeks down the line (even though it’s not up to term), lolz

I’m proud to call you a friend…


Ding dong

A score and two years you’ve come through,

And I felicitate with you as you celebrate today.


My thoughts for you


As you stand TALL and beautiful among equals,

And so easily recognized in any conglomeration of humans,

So you shall stand relevant to your generation,

Excel in all that you do each and every day of your life

And one to reckon with you’ll always be.

Shine the light, dear…



Out of sight (or chat, or whatever… regardless of the miles apart), is never out of mind!

Again I repeat, never out of mind!!!




Happy birthday,

Abigail Osemheonyemhen Ukpebor