It’s just a few days away and I suppose many of you are in some kinda dilemma already… Yeah I know how it feels… Quite confused you don’t know what I’ll like or won’t like; and as such you been finding it difficult to decide what to buy me and all sorts… Not to worry, in my vintage magnanimity, I’ve decided to come to your rescue… So I’m compiling gestures and items that make my ‘appreciated’ list of gifts… So endear yourself to pay apt attention.

Here we go:::


Okay, I’m not trying to form
holy-holy here, but the truth is I’ve not had a bible in over a year or so… Before you crucify me, I meant a presentable hard copy bible… Of course I have bibles on my phone. But I think now is a good time to get a hard copy… And for my preferred translation, guess I’ll still go for The Living Bible…
So as you plan your next visit to Bible Wonderland, add my copy to your list…

2. A brand new phone.
Definitely not a BB as many of you would know… But then, the new Samsung S IV is not looking bad at all, and I’m definitely tripping…


20130607-163509.jpgAnd I tell you, it’s just about 100k so u can place your order ASAP… And just in case you’re bothered, I’ve not forsaken my first love yet… Not too soon… As you’re about to find out…

3. iPad mini

20130607-164406.jpgIsn’t it just handy?!? I mean… Since I’m switching my phone allegiance to Samsung, an iPad is definitely a necessity… And I forgot to add, it has to be a 64Gig iPad O… was actually thinking of the 128Gig iPad 4 but for many reasons I’ll manage the mini… last I checked, it’s still around 90k… Chicken change, right? I thought as much!
And as I was typing this, someone informed me that iPad mini 2 is coming out soon… Don’t bother yourself with that, I will manage the one in market already 😊

4. A bottle of Chanel fragrance…

No much story here… The one I have is finishing very soon so a replacement is totally in order…
Just make sure it’s original… The last I used was from South Africa, so I don’t mind if you can get yours from France… That’s all


5. A MacBook Pro of course…
Haba, I’m not gonna use this my laptop forever na… Abeg the thing don see better days already… Plus the retina display on the new MacBook ehn…

You sef see for yourself

6. It’s quite a long list actually… Would loved to add this Canon HD camera


Lest I forget…

7. A Monarki branded T-shirt (from Ghana)

And you really don’t have to be in Ghana to make your order O, just find the catalogue on Facebook and get me one with a good message… I guess you’ve seen my ‘Christ loves the hell out of you’ shirt… Yea, that’s Monarki for you… So make it happen!!!


Like I said, it’s a long list… But just keep your gifts within the ones I’ve managed to outline… Except you’re planning to get me a car anyways…

And on a final note, it will be good you immediately indicate which one you’re getting ASAP so someone else doesn’t get same… You know, I really can’t be carrying two iPads around for instance… You know what I mean… I’m not that proud, you know! At least not yet…

So till we see on the D day… Keep the gifts rolling in…


Oops! My bad! I did not even remember to mention the birthday date sef… Guess you know that already!!! πŸ˜‰

The Dean


5 thoughts on “THE GIFT…

  1. Loool…barawo oshi,u no like plot of land for banana island.instead of you to be thinking of the 20th anniversary of our only chance at true democracy,you’re here soliciting for carnal acquisitions.shame on you :p

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