… And The MEN Glowed

In their usual but always exclusive manner, the Medical and Dental Year Book Class of 2013 (The Xclusives) made another STRONG statement as they wowed the College community, and indeed the University with their academic symposium entitled The Exclusive Doctor: My Career, My Profession.  


Contrary to what is the norm in the college of medicine, it was a well-attended event by members of the graduating class as well as students spanning all levels and course… and not to make a mention of the caliber of the high table dignitaries, who believe me, stayed the whole duration of the event… I mean!!!

The Xclusives, all 196 MEN, came out resplendent in different shades of royalty (purple), beauty/love (pink) and maturity (gray)… apparels only befitting of The Exclusive Doctor… pictures, they say speak louder than a thousand words…



IMG_0640 IMG_0657 IMG_0687Image

… Oops! Pardon my gender insensitivity, but we are ALL MEN… and pardon my kind exaggeration as well!

Among the many highlights of the event was the official launch and sneak preview  of “The Autograph” – the strongest yearbook College of Medicine is yet to see;

YearBook of LIFE

YearBook of LIFE

the very educative and entertaining and educative speeches by all of the guest speakers; and not to forget the fundraiser for the YBC ’13 Project!!!

It was indeed a STRONG symposium…

And guess what? They ain’t done yet… Watch out for


The Dean