A thousand hearts fused into one
Many souls from many an origin – many a background – many an experience
Different yet similar
Diverse yet united
Individuals yet unified
Joined together into one
Congregated together as one
And bound together by One

Their purpose is singular
Their objectives are the same
Their aim is one
This singular congregation
Associating for collective growth
Uniting for corporate development
Actively engaged in the race
Striving to become as Him who binds them together
Steadfastly poised to change their world

Great may be the challenges
Many may be the battles
Formidable may be the foe
Long may be the road
Tortuous may be the path
But by the power of the Lord their God
Challenges are surmounted
Battles are won
The foe is defeated
The path is navigated
And the destination is sure

These thousand hearts who are one
These many souls thus united
This great association so unified
This glorious fellowship
To which many have come
From which many have gone
Where many still are
And to which many more will yet come
But with the changing generations
The vision remains unchanged
And this vision, shall their Lord fulfil
Making them kings and priests unto God and His Father

© Lekan Kolawole, 2012


My Crush


I really don’t think I could have said this any better or easier, but I love you! Yea!!! I really do.
Standing far off, I see all that you go through: the pains you feel, though your face do not show it; the fears in your heart; your many anxieties and all of such. . . I see, and how much I wished you had shared all those with me; as you know, a problem shared is half solved. I look and see those smiles on your beautiful face, oh! how I wished I had put them there. Well, often times I also see the tears that mar your face and how I long to wipe them off your face and bring comfort to your soul. I see how you often feel lonely even in the midst of everyone around you and I can’t but wonder if you knew there is a friend that could actually stick closer than a brother. I am aware of how past friends have failed you, your disappointments and heartbreaks, that I know of… if only you could see that I’ve been here all these while, patiently awaiting your attention. Above all, I so much long to share my life with you, with the hope that we could spend our forever together. Strange and scary it sounds, right? But that’s why have been here all along. To share with you my love, joy and peace so incomprehensible. If only you will say YES and give me a place in your heart, at least for a start, but what I really want is the whole of your heart just as I have given you mine.
You know, I have always pictured a day when we will be together, walking down the road side hand-in-hand, doing some really cool stuffs together, and most likely be the talk of the whole town and make the headlines – that day you finally say YES to me! How I long to see that day come to reality. . .
Oh! are you possibly pondering what I’m pondering… ? Or do you wonder who I am or even where I am?… Well, it’s ME your long lost crush!!!

“behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears
My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him,
and he with Me.” {Rev 3: 20}

“. . . today, if you will hear His voice, do not harden your hearts. . .” {Heb 3: 15}

…This is a very old original thought mused over four years ago… And the call still stands… He keeps knocking at the door of your heart… It’s my desire that you yield to his nudge today…