Lessons from ophthalmology…

Recently, I finished my ophthalmology rotations, and I must say it was such a vivifying experience… There was so much to learn, you know! You all know how intricate those small eyes of yours are… However, I learnt a rather important lesson different from the usual academic stuff, though inspired by something with a tinge of academics to it…. Without any much ado, let’s get down to business…

In my 6 weeks rotation in ophthalmology, I gathered that ophthalmologists generally believe we all were born hypermetropic; then the majority attain ametropia as we grow older, and many go on to develop myopia!!!

I find this an interesting thought, as I feel it has a significant bearing to our lives as individuals…

To start with, hypermetropia is an ocular refractive error in which the affected person is able to visualize distant objects comfortably but has difficulty with visualizing close objects… While on the other hand, myopia means one can see close objects comfortably but has difficulties with seeing distant objects… from an ophthalmologist point of view, I won’t say one is better than the other… a middle course being ametropia… though all are equally refractive errors and equally bad.

However, let’s take a lesson from ophthalmology and apply to our lives… It’s common knowledge that we use the word myopic outside the field of medicine, and we often do to refer to someone that fails to see ‘a big picture’ of events or one who refuses to see ahead… Taking a cue from this, and our basic understanding from my ophthalmology rotation, I safely assume that we all were born with an in-built ability to see ahead… We were naturally born progressives, able to look ahead and see the big picture… born with an innate positivity mindedness. In short, we are natural optimists and within us is that daring spirit that’s always longing to get better and do things better… We were innately designed to be the best, to think outside the box, to provide solutions to every challenge that may arise or confront us along the way…
In fact, it’s common knowledge that children are far more daring and daunting than adults: very innovative and always exploring their world… Also, children are much more very believing, very hopeful and positive; very creative and super innovators. How sweet it is to be a child…. Oh, what a beautiful package we are at inception!!!

However sadly, growth happened to us! Not like that is a bad thing in itself, but you can’t imagine how much we have lost just by growing up… Simply put, life besides all things teaches us to be more careful… you know, our parents and the environment start by curtailing our excesses, and in essence killing our creativity! They set rules for us, we become bound by the whims of others… limited to the expectation and approval of society… We simply get restrained to what is considered normal, and the majority remains stuck in this average living… A life of utter satisfaction with the norm and the comfortable; losing any zeal to hope and yearn for more… Just like ophthalmologists believe, here’s where the majority of people are stuck… Normal… Ametropia… The so called average!!! But you ask me, what’s wrong with normal???
Then we have the last group of people… The myopic! Like ocular myopia, they can only see what is at hand… ‘Short sighted’ is the word! I consider it an over adaptation to the so called normal, such that we hardly expect any better from anything… gradually condescending into a state of hopelessness, of negativity and all the likes… And do I blame them? No… Life just happened to them. So who do we blame for this view to life that such people have inadvertently adopted? Guess I am left with no choice than to make them take responsibility for their own response to life…

As I conclude, the morale is simply thus: we all have the innate ability to be better than we are; we are all born as progressives…. This may be the best time to revert to that awesome feature that is a core of our very existence from inception. Be a child again: be creative; be positive!!!!


5 thoughts on “Lessons from ophthalmology…

  1. Here is another well-written piece and well done for it! I always like to add to articles or any piece of writing after reading them!

    Having read a number of literature about the differences between a child and an adult, I think being ‘child-like’ and not ‘childish’ is a phrase that will enhance the message that you intend to convey in this writing.

    When you are ‘child-like’ as an adult, it is very healthy for the mind! Being ‘child-like’ requires questioning things you are not sure about to gain a better understand even though to some people, you might come across as dumb!

    Being ‘child-ish’, you hardly care about the consequences of your actions Being ‘child-like’ as an adult, you really do! The truth is we need to learn as adults to adopt a peripheral approach when making certain decisions without the fear of being ridiculed, mocked, failing or even getting things wrong!

    These things are normal and will happen whether ‘in our faces’ or ‘behind our backs’ whether we like it of not! Infact, it is part of our nature as human beings! We need to realise that we would have done this to some people at some point or we would have been at the receiving end at other times !

    These things are normal things but they would only hnder the man whose essence or value depends on the ‘praises and recognition’ that people give him! Sometimes, these praises are ’empty’ but they must be appreciated due to the kind thougts/utterances. A man with such a value system, sincerely, needs a re-awakening before he gets totally damaged!

    When we realise this, we would never be limited in our thinking and we would always weight the opportunity cost (cost vs benefit) of everything decision that we make and we would always think about the long-term!

    NEVER leave it up to people to have the final say once you become an adult because you alone know what is best for you and you alone will suffer the consequences of your actions! It is okay to take advice though!

    Until these things are imbibed in us, we would never enjoy the benefits of being a child as outlined by ‘Daredean’ above!

    P:S: Do not let me take the shine out of your writing even though there are lots to say about the differences between ‘childishness’ and ‘child-likeness’!

  2. Not at all! I was even going to add that I am not yet ‘there’ when it comes to being totally child-like! We are all in this struggle together, even our pastors and those people whom we exalt except of course these revered people are Christ or ‘that faithful servant who has fought the good fight’ spoke of in the Bible!

  3. More to add to the new blog post!

    It is often said that LUST (not just sexual!) is an indication of the vast corruption of the human heart.
    Also, the road to hell is often paved with good intentions.

    Having said all these, I believe that one of the reasons why people remain mediocre and are not progressive is that they do things, they set objectives,goals, visons and much more for perishable reasons! Reasons like, the fear of poverty instead of the desire to add value and make an impact, the desire to oppress instead of being kind-spirited.

    We need to ask ourselves often, !why am I doing what I am doing this ?’.

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