What will be will be…
(Rom 8: 28; Pro 20: 24; Pro 16: 4; Jer 29: 11; Phil 4: 4; II Cor 4: 16-17; Pro 3: 5,6)
At this present moment I find myself in a dilemma trying to comprehend what had happened. Okay! I know what happened, how, when and where but I just can’t understand “WHY?”
It was one of such unusual nights when I decide to take a bath before going to sleep. It was around 11:30pm, less than five hours to when I was supposed to wake up the next morning. I would normally have just gone to bed like that, but on this fateful night I decided to take a bath, and rather unnecessarily, I would like to say. Without further ado, I picked up my lamp and other stuffs and went to the bathroom. Somehow I saw a cockroach and without a second thought I decided to kill it. To cut a rather long story short, in the process of trying to kill the cockroach my hand hit the lamp from where it was placed, and down it went crashing into pieces. A sudden realization dawned on me and I began to wonder: why did I decide to have a bathe tonight? Why did I bring my lamp along? Why on earth did I not just leave the cockroach? Why? Why?? Why???
Ever found yourself in a similar situation where you did something you thought to be so insignificant or even unnecessary but which eventually turned out to be so consequential, either positive or otherwise? Or better still, have you ever woke up on a Sunday morning with such unusual urge to attend a particular church service, for instance, with really no special reason whatsoever; then you get to church and the message literally transformed your life? Then you understand why you had felt you just must be in church. If you’ve ever been in any of such unprecedented happenstances, then you just might appreciate why I was in such dilemma this fateful night.
As I sat down to muse over my predicament that night, something sounded in the inside of me: “boy! What will be will be”. Oh! How I hate that nursery school rhyme “Que sera sera, what will be will be, sera… blah! blah! blah!” You don’t blame me, would you? The fact is, just like you, I like to feel I’m in charge. That I run things around me or at least think I do. However, also like you I often happen to be victim of many a circumstances. Equally though, I won’t deny that I have had a fair share of the brighter side as well without my slightest contribution or even premonition. So even as much as I want to hate that nursery rhyme, its lyrics seem to pervade my everyday life – what will be will be!
As I sat there trying to understanding why I keep being haunted, so to say, by my much hated rhyme, there came a consolation in my mind: the thought that “all things work together for good to them that love God…” Oh! What glimmer of hope! However, I was yet to be satisfied. Still, a few more questions demand answers. Even the consoling thought made me wonder; do unpleasant and painful situations work for good? Confused. I don’t think I’m going nowhere until I get all these sorted out. There should be an explanation somehow and somewhere to these.
It’s two days later and I am yet to get my answer. In fact, I must admit I am beginning to forget about it and simply succumb to my much dreaded phrase – what will be will be. Somehow, I happen to be reading in class before this unusual lethargy came upon me. I had intended to read for at least four hours, but it’s just two hours since I arrived class and here I am thinking of leaving already. All the same, I packed my books and headed for hostel. On arriving, I jammed a senior friend who I had not seen for some months, right on the staircase, on his way out of school. Déjà vu! I thought; here we go again! How I would have missed out on his visit had I not obeyed my ‘lazy’ instinct to stop reading. Well, as I approached him, he exclaimed “how the steps of the righteous are ordered by God”, in expressing his pleasure to see me. Alas! That was the answer I had awaited for two days, coming right in the middle of another so called coincidence. Right there and then I clearly understood that indeed all things happen under God’s watch and that they ultimately work together for good.

Fate, you may say, or even nature or coincidence, but the truth is “The Lord works out everything for His own ends…”. And they all work together for good to us simply because we love Him and have put our trust in Him. Whether they be good or otherwise, we know He orders our steps towards the ultimate good that we might as yet not be aware of. Did the Bible not say that His thoughts towards us are thoughts of peace and to bring us to an expected end? So you wonder what to do at those times when things seem so bad to have any good in it? When there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel, so to say? Simply rejoice! Again I say rejoice. For our present troubles can in no means compare with the glory that is reserved for us.

As I conclude, remember that what will be will indeed be, but that is because God wants it to be. So in all your ways acknowledge Him and do not lean on your own understanding.


14 thoughts on “WHAT WILL BE WILL BE…

  1. Well done for this well-written and insightful piece! I must say that ‘Whatever will be will be’ is not a Biblical philosophy and should never be adopted by Christians at all! It is one of those sayings whose origins cannot be traced to the Bible and we should therefore, take time before applying them to our lives! One of them is ‘Heaven helps those who help themselves’! If all these sayings were true, why would the Bible instruct us to ‘….walk out our salvation with fear and trembling….’?

    I think an in-depth comparison of the lives of Job, Paul and Jonah will help us all to understand that ‘whatever will be will be’ is not a philosophy to be adopted by a believer! There is a part for us all to play in renewing our minds, walking with God and staying tuned to the Holy Spirit and asking God for help to do HIS own will and not ours.

    The circumstances that you painted could be nothing more than a combination of unpleasant events which God intended to use to teach the person concerned/reveal things that were hidden before. Paraphasingly,the Bible talks about how hard times are meant to refine our character- 1Peter 1:6-7 is one of the many Bible verses addressing this.

    This very circumstance could be a tool of distraction which God intended to use to get your attention. For certain believers, instead of ask God if there is a message for them in this siutation, they will start transferring annoyance on anybody who comes their way – this could be a weakness God wants to help them with!

    In conclusion, http://www.ligonier,org, Paul Washer, John Edwards and the rest address issues like this! May God help us all!

  2. Never much cared for it either. I like to think that everything happens for a reason, though it gets tough to think that way when bad things happen

  3. Further on from my earlier post, there is always a message for us when things happen and we need to seek the face of God for it to be revealed.

    It could be weaknesses in one’s character that God wants to deal with! The lamp that crashed into pieces: maybe you are an individual who handles important/valuable things carelessly when focusing on something that is temporary! It could even be that there was danger far-ahead and God was trying to stop you in your tracks in order to save you! It could be for any purpose so we need to ask God, ‘Is there a message for me in this’!

    The Church service: It is a good thing that you obeyed the voice of the Spirit not to forsake the gathering of the brethren. God had a message that would renew your mind and you were there in Church to receive it! As we know the church is the body of Christ and not the building so, attending sunday services is one of the ways we are nourished by other parts (members) of the body so that we can all grow together until we come to the unity of faith-‘…. Some were evangelists, teachers, prophets……….for the EQUIPPING of the saints……’

    The Senior friend: Again, there could be something God wanted to order from his lips that would cause a change in your situation to the glory of HIS name!

    ‘Whatever will be will be’ is a saying borne out of sinful pride most, if not all, of the time.

    Imagine your friend got married and after three years of marriage, they have no children yet. Additionally, he loses his job! Although initially, this might appear to be a combination of unfortunate events, God has ordained things to happen this way for a reason yet to be revealed!- Think Job! ‘What will be will be’ will never bring about the fulfilment of God’s purpose, there is a part for the couple to play. They have to seek a solution with the help of the Holy Spirit!

    The ‘What will be will be’ attitude, I am certain, has been used by the enemy to destroy many marriages, many beautiful friendships because you both cannot be bothered to work things out! One is waiting for the othe person to make a move whilst the other is waiting for you to make a move!

    That job interview that you found out you could just about attend after all the sad and unfortunate things that happened the day before!- If you decide not to spend the little time you have to prepare because you think ‘what will be will be’ then, that may be the job gone already! The events may be totally uncorrelated or they may well be. The question remains: God, is there a message in this situation for me!?It could be a test of mental strength or God wanting to give you a testimony that men will marvel at so you have to take the God-given opportunity and ask for strength to efficiently spend that short period of time to adequately prepare for the interview!

    Let us not forget To seek first the Kingdom of God in everything

  4. Hi Dare,
    Howdy? Sure, u know I do lots of stalking already! I dnt do much these days anyway!
    I like this piece and Sarah could not said things any better. Lots of things happen and God has a reason for permitting even what we consider the worst of all things to happen to us! We learn and move on with life!
    Quite funny, Sarah and I have similar interests in Christian websites&Christian authors and speaker. Anyway, have a great day!

    N.B: I would love to meet her!

  5. Just realised that ur friend has a blog too but has so far attracted only one comment! I thought it was ‘ banana’ republic and not ‘chicken’ republic?

    Anyway, this Ligonier ministries and the rest are not well known in Nigeria hence my wanting to hook up with Sarah to find like-minded people for whenever I’m around. That would be very helpful and really nice!

  6. I remember being told that you are an editor for ur ffship magazine. A friend and I have a project that we are working on and considering that you write brilliantly well, you may find this project interesting enough to join us on it and assist with getting a fourth person.

    I can tell you more abt it via email so pple dnt steal our ideas and for conflict of interests, if you think it would be better to discuss it with my friend then, please let me know.

    Sarah might be a very good 4th party because we share similar interests in certain things but the whole idea is to get different viewpoints from people with different exposure!

    I will pass on ur blog link to my friend to read it!


    • Thanks so much for dropping by… Well, Banana republic says a different thing entirely. I was motivated by the thoughts of people tending to chicken out of opportunities to make a difference, so I decided to write a piece on Chicken Republic, which happens to be a popular food franchise in Nigeria as well… So it leaves u guessing what I intend to discuss until u really get into it. Thanks for taking the time out to read… Would be an honor to join u guys on ur project… Thanks again, and be kind enough to help spread the blog link. Thanks

  7. Thanks Dare for getting back to me. Sorry, it is taking a while! Some of the guys on board have ulterior motives (very emotional pple!).

    They promised to assist but now talk abt marriage and rltnships before offering any assistance simply because they now have a chance to have a go at a ‘free-birdie’!

    They’ ve forgotten that choosing a spouse is not the same as choosing ‘boli’ and roasted yam by the road-side!

    As a result, my partner and I are finding it difficult to trust some of them (I, in particular, am treading carefully because who I have had terrible experiences with dishonest people even with those who are meant to have the highest integrity!). We are getting in contact with more serious-minded people and I will be in touch as soon as we have a reasonble team to start with!

    Bear with me.
    P.S: ignore typos, dnt have a laptop yet!

  8. Ok! The email function on my phone is not working properly hence, my posting here! If u send me ur email addy via fb, that will make contacting you easier cos I’ld still need ur email addy @ one pnt or the other!

    P.S: I guess ur blog has no private message function, has it?

    No worries! Speak soon!

  9. Just read the original post and yes, I i’s easy to develop misconceptions and lift certain things out of context! I was simply expressing my views and wanted to give an explicit explanation so you understand why things are dragging and how long things are likely to drag for!

    DISCLAIMER: Anyone who lifts things out of context does so at hie/her own risk, thanks!

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