Chicken Republic

Hey take it easy! Salivating already? I understand all the delicacies that might have crossed your mind at the sight of my topic of discourse… In fact, I guess you must have taken a mind trip back to the last time you were in chicken republic, or any eatery of that class in particular… Well, just calm down…. There are more pressing issues to discuss and I crave your indulgence to hang with me just a while longer.

So let’s get down to business…

It is no longer news that our dear nation is bereft of leadership. Leaders at every level, have by and large let us down as a people. Everyone everywhere clamours for change. Everyone craves for a better living for self and the populace… In fact, everyone seems to have the perfect solutions to Nigeria’s multifarious problems… Yeah, I mean everyone except those that have been given the political responsibility to cause that change that we all desire… How sad, we must say!
Ours is a case of 150million coaches that seem to always know how best to run our football teams, for instance… With however no consequent improvement in our football. The one person charged with the job of the coach just always turn out to be the worst of the 150million… Or how else do you expect me to explain this…?

Well having said this, it’s important to note that the problem with us as a nation is not one that is farfetched. It’s one of a theoretic approach to every single thing… One of apt policy making but astute-less in implementation… From the top to the bottom, we all are theorists… action now seems a foreign word to our national vocabulary… Words like service and sacrifice are indeed strange tongues that Nigeria may not relate with. Everyone enjoys the comfort zone… Everyone is okay with whatever role they think they play at the present moment, even in the face of this marmount corporate inefficiency and inadequacy… Truth be told, we have not done enough! There is much room for each and everyone of us to take a stand and make a move for the betterness of our dearly beloved nation.
Like Keneth Kaunda similarly asked, I aso ask today: when shall Nigeria be free? When shall we be free from this Chicken Republic?!?! A federal republic of talkers and theorists…
The onus is on us all. Take a stand. Make a move.
Meanwhile, charity begins at home; so I call on every student and youth. Get engaged even at your level now, for posterity would ask you: were you a chicken? Or what did you stand for in your own time? Now don’t even give me that ‘I am apolitical!’ line… You don’t want me to go there now, I’m sure…
Anyways, I sign out with a last sip of my drink here at chicken republic.. Haha, feel free to resume your fantasizing back…



8 thoughts on “Chicken Republic

  1. This is an inspiring write-up especially for those who think Nigeria can crumble without affecting them. Great nations in the world today would not be so envied if their citizens did not sacrifice. Nigerians! This is a call to play our part in nationbuilding.

  2. Useful and timely. A particularly good point is the recognition of the failure of leadership at all levels. This is something we all want to deny, prefering to blame others for our failures as a nation. The call for all to engage in positive action for change is also another strong point.

  3. It’s actually true. I see it all the time. My roommates and i talk a big game but i wonder what we would actually be like if any of us became a leader in the country. Some of the current ones might have thought to do a better job, only to get in and become a chicken. We seriously need to get involved and turn our theories into reality.

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