What will be will be…
(Rom 8: 28; Pro 20: 24; Pro 16: 4; Jer 29: 11; Phil 4: 4; II Cor 4: 16-17; Pro 3: 5,6)
At this present moment I find myself in a dilemma trying to comprehend what had happened. Okay! I know what happened, how, when and where but I just can’t understand “WHY?”
It was one of such unusual nights when I decide to take a bath before going to sleep. It was around 11:30pm, less than five hours to when I was supposed to wake up the next morning. I would normally have just gone to bed like that, but on this fateful night I decided to take a bath, and rather unnecessarily, I would like to say. Without further ado, I picked up my lamp and other stuffs and went to the bathroom. Somehow I saw a cockroach and without a second thought I decided to kill it. To cut a rather long story short, in the process of trying to kill the cockroach my hand hit the lamp from where it was placed, and down it went crashing into pieces. A sudden realization dawned on me and I began to wonder: why did I decide to have a bathe tonight? Why did I bring my lamp along? Why on earth did I not just leave the cockroach? Why? Why?? Why???
Ever found yourself in a similar situation where you did something you thought to be so insignificant or even unnecessary but which eventually turned out to be so consequential, either positive or otherwise? Or better still, have you ever woke up on a Sunday morning with such unusual urge to attend a particular church service, for instance, with really no special reason whatsoever; then you get to church and the message literally transformed your life? Then you understand why you had felt you just must be in church. If you’ve ever been in any of such unprecedented happenstances, then you just might appreciate why I was in such dilemma this fateful night.
As I sat down to muse over my predicament that night, something sounded in the inside of me: “boy! What will be will be”. Oh! How I hate that nursery school rhyme “Que sera sera, what will be will be, sera… blah! blah! blah!” You don’t blame me, would you? The fact is, just like you, I like to feel I’m in charge. That I run things around me or at least think I do. However, also like you I often happen to be victim of many a circumstances. Equally though, I won’t deny that I have had a fair share of the brighter side as well without my slightest contribution or even premonition. So even as much as I want to hate that nursery rhyme, its lyrics seem to pervade my everyday life – what will be will be!
As I sat there trying to understanding why I keep being haunted, so to say, by my much hated rhyme, there came a consolation in my mind: the thought that “all things work together for good to them that love God…” Oh! What glimmer of hope! However, I was yet to be satisfied. Still, a few more questions demand answers. Even the consoling thought made me wonder; do unpleasant and painful situations work for good? Confused. I don’t think I’m going nowhere until I get all these sorted out. There should be an explanation somehow and somewhere to these.
It’s two days later and I am yet to get my answer. In fact, I must admit I am beginning to forget about it and simply succumb to my much dreaded phrase – what will be will be. Somehow, I happen to be reading in class before this unusual lethargy came upon me. I had intended to read for at least four hours, but it’s just two hours since I arrived class and here I am thinking of leaving already. All the same, I packed my books and headed for hostel. On arriving, I jammed a senior friend who I had not seen for some months, right on the staircase, on his way out of school. Déjà vu! I thought; here we go again! How I would have missed out on his visit had I not obeyed my ‘lazy’ instinct to stop reading. Well, as I approached him, he exclaimed “how the steps of the righteous are ordered by God”, in expressing his pleasure to see me. Alas! That was the answer I had awaited for two days, coming right in the middle of another so called coincidence. Right there and then I clearly understood that indeed all things happen under God’s watch and that they ultimately work together for good.

Fate, you may say, or even nature or coincidence, but the truth is “The Lord works out everything for His own ends…”. And they all work together for good to us simply because we love Him and have put our trust in Him. Whether they be good or otherwise, we know He orders our steps towards the ultimate good that we might as yet not be aware of. Did the Bible not say that His thoughts towards us are thoughts of peace and to bring us to an expected end? So you wonder what to do at those times when things seem so bad to have any good in it? When there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel, so to say? Simply rejoice! Again I say rejoice. For our present troubles can in no means compare with the glory that is reserved for us.

As I conclude, remember that what will be will indeed be, but that is because God wants it to be. So in all your ways acknowledge Him and do not lean on your own understanding.


Chicken Republic

Hey take it easy! Salivating already? I understand all the delicacies that might have crossed your mind at the sight of my topic of discourse… In fact, I guess you must have taken a mind trip back to the last time you were in chicken republic, or any eatery of that class in particular… Well, just calm down…. There are more pressing issues to discuss and I crave your indulgence to hang with me just a while longer.

So let’s get down to business…

It is no longer news that our dear nation is bereft of leadership. Leaders at every level, have by and large let us down as a people. Everyone everywhere clamours for change. Everyone craves for a better living for self and the populace… In fact, everyone seems to have the perfect solutions to Nigeria’s multifarious problems… Yeah, I mean everyone except those that have been given the political responsibility to cause that change that we all desire… How sad, we must say!
Ours is a case of 150million coaches that seem to always know how best to run our football teams, for instance… With however no consequent improvement in our football. The one person charged with the job of the coach just always turn out to be the worst of the 150million… Or how else do you expect me to explain this…?

Well having said this, it’s important to note that the problem with us as a nation is not one that is farfetched. It’s one of a theoretic approach to every single thing… One of apt policy making but astute-less in implementation… From the top to the bottom, we all are theorists… action now seems a foreign word to our national vocabulary… Words like service and sacrifice are indeed strange tongues that Nigeria may not relate with. Everyone enjoys the comfort zone… Everyone is okay with whatever role they think they play at the present moment, even in the face of this marmount corporate inefficiency and inadequacy… Truth be told, we have not done enough! There is much room for each and everyone of us to take a stand and make a move for the betterness of our dearly beloved nation.
Like Keneth Kaunda similarly asked, I aso ask today: when shall Nigeria be free? When shall we be free from this Chicken Republic?!?! A federal republic of talkers and theorists…
The onus is on us all. Take a stand. Make a move.
Meanwhile, charity begins at home; so I call on every student and youth. Get engaged even at your level now, for posterity would ask you: were you a chicken? Or what did you stand for in your own time? Now don’t even give me that ‘I am apolitical!’ line… You don’t want me to go there now, I’m sure…
Anyways, I sign out with a last sip of my drink here at chicken republic.. Haha, feel free to resume your fantasizing back…