A change of identity – a poem by Tope Akinnibosun

Out of void, in all he was in charge
In his word, his will and spirit

Then he thought of a creation
A creation just like him, existing from him
For the creation he made a great plan
Creating stars and moon and sun as light to see
Green plants and animals for food
Land and sea for a place to dwell on
Everything that was created was made for the creation
A pre-type of the creation he also made
The pre-type to exist in the perfect creation
Then I was born of the pre-type
That became the identity I had to live by
Having the imperfect, sinful, pretype nature
I ruled from my mind, dwelt on logic
Couldn’t see beyond my eyes
Everything I had was limited
All that was created for the creation worked against me
From global warming to acid rain
Food poisoning and others causing diseases
Earthquakes and volcanoes breeding death
I just wandered off and couldn’t make head way
All I wanted was mine, self, I, just me
Even when I decided to help, it’s me first
Always looking beneath for what I had to gain
Then the word came my way
Speaking from people he was living in
As I heard the word, it fell on deaf ears
Then all over the place it was, and I listened
Next faith was made available, I believed
Then I received the word into my life
It was an animation, a total translation
The word was that plan – the creation
He changed my identity straight up
And now I am the creation
The original plan God wanted
The image with his identity
I now carry the fullness of the word
I share it out to others
I now live my true identity


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