Sometimes, I sit and wonder,
What this life has to offer.
It’s disheartening at times…

We sit here with our bodies in whole,
Knowing not what other people go through.
We complain day and night,
Like we have the right to.

The saying goes,
“We know not what we have until it’s lost”.
This would only be understood,
By a cripple who once walked,
By the blind who once saw,
By the dumb who once talked,
But never by the dead, because it’s all gone.

Ingrates!!!That’s what we are.
When would we learn?
And be grateful for what we have?

It’s just a thin line between life and death,
Once seen today,
May be gone tomorrow.
Once heard today,
May be forgotten in sorrow.

My heart bleeds,
Bleeds for the faint hearted.
It wages war against those,
Who take things for granted.

Dear Lord, Help us to understand,
The gravity of the things we do.
For this life has nothing to offer,
Except we live by You.

. . .Chika Nwankwo

This poem was first published in LIGHTHOUSE Magazine 2012…


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