Don’t tell me what I can’t do…

Don’t tell me what I can’t do…
That catching phrase reminds me of John Locke… okay, not the economist but an actor in the series LOST… If you followed the series then am sure u are familiar with the bald headed guy that was miraculous set free from his wheel chair… and from thence believed outrightly that nothing was impossible! So when faced with diverse daunting tasks in their haunted forest, he kept reiterating to anyone that cared enough to listen: don’t tell me what I can’t do… And credit to him, he did quite some amazing things….. But let’s not forget, it was just a movie and he was acting to script…lol… That’s the problem I have with picking morales from movies anyways, but no doubt movies have in so many ways inspired me to write. Yea.. That’s true!!!

Back to my discourse… ‘don’t tell me what I can’t do’… Having analyzed the character of mr. John Locke for quite a while, I realized he actually typifies the human attitude, whether we think so or not. And more so, I began to understand how it was relevant to my grace walk… The human mind is such that doesn’t like subvention or limitation. We do not like to be set within a particular boundary.. And it even worse when it’s pointed out to us that this is your limit. And you will agree with me. Remember when you were much younger and pushing tires around the street with your contemporaries?lol I guess you do… The easiest way, back then, to make someone do something is just to tell them they can’t, and you see them going even against their very own desire just to prove you wrong… And that’s just human for you – we don’t like to see ourselves as being limited to something…
Two statements that will eternally amuse me are as follows:
1. Laws are made to be broken… (you mean seriously???)
2. Where there is no law, there is no sin… Hmmm

Considering these two statements side by side just floods some light on my understanding of Apostle Paul’s teaching on grace and the incapacitation of the law… How that the law made sin more sinful…breeding in us a consciousness of sin. Not just a consciousness but a bondage; an addiction, a desire to do every ‘thou shall not…’
Really, it reminds me of Eden. It’s interesting to note that we would hardly notice something until the realization that it’s wrong to do it, and then we go all out to do it.
Simply put, the law was not given to stop man from sinning but rather to show man’s helplessness in this sin matter!
Consider the young rich ruler: he came to Jesus and almost left justifying himself, thinking he had fulfilled all the law from his youth. But Jesus wasn’t going to allow him leave in such deceptive state, so he told him to sell all he had and give to the poor… At that very instant, the young ruler realized his helplessness… Consider Cornelius: his good deeds were not just enough, God in His utmost mercy had to send Peter to the house of Cornelius and they experienced God’s saving grace…
In closing, I dare to let you know that the Christian life is not hard to live; rather it’s IMPOSSIBLE to live… That’s the truth, no one can live the Christian life because it’s the life of Christ. So we would like apostle Paul acknowledge that it’s Christ that lives in us…both to will and to do of His good purpose…
It’s not a matter of what you can’t do, dear.
You can do all things through Christ that strengthens you…


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