Life has been beautiful this summer
All thanks to my redeemer
I now ride the latest hummer.

But I can still remember
Back then in december
I was in love with this stripper
And that was to be my silliest blunder
As I was soon to discover
I tried my best to be her true lover
But alas! she was never tender
It was just trouble one after another
And so obvious we couldn’t continue together
So I had to leave her for a better
But that was after she had made a great plunder
And I was left with nothing to offer
Not a dime for another

Oh! my woes were yet to be over
As soon after, i lost a dear brother
Who for my family had been the bread winner
Ever since we lost the father.
But now, he’s also gone forever
Here I am, left to suffer
And for my siblings, no one to cater
I was to be to them like a father
But my own life was in complete disorder
Everything seem to be in asunder
Thought I wouldn’t know peace any longer
And could only expect that things get worse further …

But then came my helper
For my broken heart he,he was a healer
For my nakedness, a cover
For my soul, a restorer
For all my needs, a provider
And for my family the true father.

God!!! this is just but a wonder
I never believed I would recover
But my troubles are now over
And my life is back in order.
Now hope I have in more than a glimmer

At least I have to show for this, my hummer
All thanks to my redeemer
Life has indeed been beautiful this summer. . .


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