Who Is Cheering???

Ever been to the Colosseum to witness any of the ancient Roman gladiator contests? Or did you ever get an opportunity to see any of the Greek ancient Olympian Games? Sure not! But the atmosphere is not much different from what you’ll see in modern day Olympics – the picture is one of participants, such as the gladiators doing battle while spectators in the cavea (seating space) cheer on their favourite gladiator. History even has it that the cheers of the spectator can prompt which gladiator is left to leave the Colosseum alive.
So much for historical jargon, now let’s turn our attention to football fanaticism – now I’m sure that’s not strange to you as football fans are everywhere around us. In a football match, typically there are two sets of supporters each supporting their team, cheering or otherwise, depending on how well their team is performing on the pitch. And as often said, the shouting side is the winning side!
And such it is in life that we are cheered on, either for good or evil, as we trod our path in the sands of life. The way we live our lives and the things we do each day gets someone cheering us on to ‘victory’. As people engage in sin, fraud, immorality and all forms of evil works, the devil cheers and placates such people with a life of pseudo-happiness. The carnal Christian is however not left out as he is overtly mindful of the things of this world, forgetting that the devil is the god of this world.
However, if as Christians we determine to walk the paths of righteousness, peace and holiness, we are cheered on by the apostles of faith, encouraging us to fight a good fight. Remember, just as there is joy in heaven over a sinner that repents, there is much more joy over the Christian that is continually keeping the faith.
So dear friend, as you live your life and go about your daily activities, I ask: WHO IS CHEERING???


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