Life has been beautiful this summer
All thanks to my redeemer
I now ride the latest hummer.

But I can still remember
Back then in december
I was in love with this stripper
And that was to be my silliest blunder
As I was soon to discover
I tried my best to be her true lover
But alas! she was never tender
It was just trouble one after another
And so obvious we couldn’t continue together
So I had to leave her for a better
But that was after she had made a great plunder
And I was left with nothing to offer
Not a dime for another

Oh! my woes were yet to be over
As soon after, i lost a dear brother
Who for my family had been the bread winner
Ever since we lost the father.
But now, he’s also gone forever
Here I am, left to suffer
And for my siblings, no one to cater
I was to be to them like a father
But my own life was in complete disorder
Everything seem to be in asunder
Thought I wouldn’t know peace any longer
And could only expect that things get worse further …

But then came my helper
For my broken heart he,he was a healer
For my nakedness, a cover
For my soul, a restorer
For all my needs, a provider
And for my family the true father.

God!!! this is just but a wonder
I never believed I would recover
But my troubles are now over
And my life is back in order.
Now hope I have in more than a glimmer

At least I have to show for this, my hummer
All thanks to my redeemer
Life has indeed been beautiful this summer. . .


WHEEL POWER: lessons from a ‘crazy’ bus driver

I was born and bred in Lagos, and amongst many other things, traffic jam is no strange phenomenon to such a one as me just as much as I am sure it isn’t to you as well; anyway, we can just say it is the order of the day. And so it was on this fateful day on the notorious Lagos–Ibadan expressway, as I journeyed back to Lagos, after a somewhat eventful tour of the city of brown roofs; the ancient city of Ibadan, that I experienced one of the craziest ‘hold ups’ of my over two decades long life so far. Okay, I really can’t say which is the worst traffic jam I have been in, but I surely have been in myriads of them, many of them very annoying, and would of course have been in even much more if not for the ubiquitous time saving ‘Okada’.
But on this particular occasion, unlike many others, it was a worthwhile, exhilarating, eventful but quite dangerous experience as the bus driver, Sefiu, taught me a lesson that: where there is a wheel, there is a way! It would interest you to know that our bus did not spend up to three minutes held up in the about thirty minutes we spent to meander through a traffic jam that some other vehicles must have spent not less than two hours in. It’s not like I encourage rough driving or so, but our dear Sefiu was just one in a kind – such that every single person in the bus had to exclaim how skilled they think he is. Crazy as it may seem, this guy did not at any time spend up to thirty seconds on the lane before jostling for the next available space to overtake. And when one driver refuses to allow him into the main lane, he would instead continue the crazy meander on the side lines thus overtaking at least ten vehicles ahead.
The drive was rough, the road bumpy and gruel some, and the other drivers on the road were equally not that nice as everyone was on the edge, all trying to force their way through the thick, to their choice destinations. But in all of these, the exploits of Sefiu on the road simply epitomizes to us that indeed where there is a will, there is a way.
This is exactly the picture life presents to us – a world of immense opportunities, yet countless limitations and intense competition, thus making it a Darwinism’s survival of the fittest story. Life is not a bed of roses or another Cinderella story; just like the traffic popular with Lagos roads, life has got its challenges and holdups. But you must remember; there is nothing as important as your singular desire to succeed regardless of all the odds. The power of your will is so immense that you are actually the only one that can prevent yourself from ultimately achieving what set your heart on achieving. Life’s obstacles nonetheless, set out to meander as much as you need, overtake when need be, apply caution when absolutely necessary and never forget that patience is a virtue. Remember, where there is a will there is a way.

Who Is Cheering???

Ever been to the Colosseum to witness any of the ancient Roman gladiator contests? Or did you ever get an opportunity to see any of the Greek ancient Olympian Games? Sure not! But the atmosphere is not much different from what you’ll see in modern day Olympics – the picture is one of participants, such as the gladiators doing battle while spectators in the cavea (seating space) cheer on their favourite gladiator. History even has it that the cheers of the spectator can prompt which gladiator is left to leave the Colosseum alive.
So much for historical jargon, now let’s turn our attention to football fanaticism – now I’m sure that’s not strange to you as football fans are everywhere around us. In a football match, typically there are two sets of supporters each supporting their team, cheering or otherwise, depending on how well their team is performing on the pitch. And as often said, the shouting side is the winning side!
And such it is in life that we are cheered on, either for good or evil, as we trod our path in the sands of life. The way we live our lives and the things we do each day gets someone cheering us on to ‘victory’. As people engage in sin, fraud, immorality and all forms of evil works, the devil cheers and placates such people with a life of pseudo-happiness. The carnal Christian is however not left out as he is overtly mindful of the things of this world, forgetting that the devil is the god of this world.
However, if as Christians we determine to walk the paths of righteousness, peace and holiness, we are cheered on by the apostles of faith, encouraging us to fight a good fight. Remember, just as there is joy in heaven over a sinner that repents, there is much more joy over the Christian that is continually keeping the faith.
So dear friend, as you live your life and go about your daily activities, I ask: WHO IS CHEERING???


In life we make decisions…
Amidst the pressures around…
And pressured still by the gentle voice within…
The crowd seems to be heading one way…
Yet it seems to you they are getting it all wrong…
It could just be that no one happen to see from your point of view…
Well, it could equally as well be that you are just too selfish to think otherwise…
The fear of going wrong haunts like some kind of guilt…
Yet the pleasure that comes with doing it right is such a savor…
All having been said and carefully considered…
Time comes for a conclusion to be drawn…
Whether it be the band wagon you follow…
Or a stand for a difference you take…
Be it the wide way you trod…
Or rather detour a less travelled path…
And with time, to relish or else to regret…
In your very own court is the ball awaiting your kick…
Friend, it’s yours to choose…
For in life we make decisions…