Yesterday is gone! Difficult as it may to accept, it is no less truth that the past is gone. I really mean your past is gone. Sure, you are tempted to believe that ‘where you are today is a product of your yesterday’ but not exactly, it is more appropriately a reflection of your most resolute decisions in times past, for instance, regardless of how tough or otherwise your past might have been, you are still here today simply because you decided not to give up.
Many a people today are haunted by their past lives: past failures, setbacks, short comings, disappointments, and all such have prevented so many from making any appreciable progress today, rather, they are held back by fear of repetition of what they had experienced in the past. Likewise, for some others, past successes and achievements have clouded their minds so much so that they fail to realize that there is still far much more to be accomplished. As someone quite rightly said, ‘a driver that keeps looking backwards while in motion, for bumping over a pot-hole, will eventually run into a ditch’. Hence, it is important you realize yesterday is gone, and that every new day is an entirely new ball game! Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is anticipatory, but today is within your capacity, it is within your reach… so take it!
For some people, it is the reality of past losses that retards their progress: loss of a dearly loved one, fellow or associate; lost opportunities and/or lost abilities, wasted years, etc. This premised by the cliché ‘an opportunity once lost is forever lost’. But if I may ask, what happened to second chances? You must understand that God is not going to need or use what you have lost; otherwise, He would not have let you lose it. Instead, God is able and He would do exceedingly with what is left of you.
Though life is better understood by looking back, it must however be lived by looking forward. So pick up your ‘pieces’, take what’s left and make it work; then you will see God make something out of that ‘little or nothing’ you have left.
Yesterday is GONE! Today is in your hands!!!